Through the Lens   

Photography in Berkshire, Hampshire and West Sussex.


 THIS IS ME.....

I have always had a keen interest in photography and I try to spend what little spare time I get out and about with my camera. I enjoy finding new challenges and try my best to make the most of every opportunity.

My technical knowledge is not very strong but I do what I can and if I am not happy I just keep trying until I work out how to get the image I want. My local camera club is a useful place for help and support.

I use an Olympus DSLR to take most of my images but have recently got an entry level Canon DSLR to have a play with on a friends recommendation. The Olympus is my preferred choice but as I recently discovered when it developed a fault it is also old and difficult to find someone who can now repair it. 

I particularly enjoy black and white photography and find the shape and form of buildings, churches and cathedrals fascinating. I have spent a great deal of time taking photographs of animals - both my own and other peoples and this has been very rewarding.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through my photographs.

Thank you for visiting my site